Chie Tanaka Pictures for July 10, 2014

Here's some Chie Tanaka pictures for today.. haven't had her in my head for a long time while I hope she gets married soon.

Chun Li style!

Anime time!

Chie Tanaka with Tiffany Hsu...

At the glasses store

Awarding time...

What's she thinking of?

I love her Kimono

Love her smile!

Announcement time!

Certified seal of the SPD?

She's so pretty...

In her simple days, she is hotter.

Love her pose!

Pretty girl!

I love her poses!

A pretty smart close up!
I love her smile!

Kawaii time!

She loves poinsettas doesn't she?

Love her pose!

What's that Manga?


Banana time!

Love her dress!


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