How Bruce Lee's Biography Came to Influence Me

Bruce Lee is one person I am really familiar with film-wise since I haven't seen a single Bruce Lee movie BUT he did drive an impact on my life.  In the past, I was a Chinese pridist who had racial prejudice, I wish my grandparents never left China, that they stayed in China, I would be born in China and be all that but I began to think about the change of heart  I had.

For one, I just didn't realize that Bruce Lee was against any form of racism.  He believed in racial equality and fought for it.  He taught Kung Fu to those whom the Chinese community in America said where enemies.  He had a black student, a Filipino student, a white student and then he married his wife Linda and had two children, the late Brandon and Shannon.  Realizing how one icon of Chinese cinema was married to an American which I also hated, I started to change my views of ancient Chinese tradition vs. changing the Chinese way of thinking... which Bruce Lee challenged all types of racism.

His biography also taught me to fight for racial equality instead of racial supremacy.  Thinking how he decided to bridge the gap between races was one of the best things he did.  Today, I still look back at how the biography of Bruce Lee influenced my life.


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  2. Wow, that's awesome! Bruce Lee was an outstanding man of great honor!

    1. I would agree with that. Although Bruce Lee was not perfect and had family problems, he did promote racial equality.


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