My First Impressions on Erina Nakayama

While watching Kamen Rider Wizard (which does get pretty boring thanks to Tyuyoshi Kida's LAZY writing, similar to how Jonathan Tzachor wrote PR Samurai),   In the series, she plays one of the antagonists Medusa ad later she plays two for one, both Medusa and Mayu.

We have Medusa in Kamen Rider Wizard.  My very first reaction to her was, "Woah she kinda looks like Reiko Chiba in Zyuranger, except a little prettier."  Kind of made me want Reiko Chiba as the parent.  She was around 17 that time when it aired, I was 27 back then.

Erina Nakayama plays as both Mayu and Medusa.  As Medusa, she is a spiteful lady and as Mayu, she is the cute and innocent girl who wants to save her sister.  For me, even if the actress played the antagonist more, I kind of want to finish the series or rewatch it for her.  It was like Mina Asami's role

I always felt like she has the feeling of angelic innocence... which makes her a charm to watch.


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