My Thoughts on Kim Tae Hee Then and Now

Although I'm not quite a huge fan of Korean entertainment but there were rare times I watched Korean entertainment when it was pretty interesting.  In the case of Kim Tae Hee (who's aging rather slowly), she became part of my guilty pleasure list.

One unique feature is that her physical beauty is quite natural.  I just thought I'm pretty much against plastic surgery except to fix major disfigurements (ex. car accident, massive tumor operations and the like).  Kim Tae Hee's pretty natural.

So far I enjoyed her in Forbidden Love (the first role I saw), Love Story in Harvard while I praised her wicked stepsister performance in Stairway to Heaven.  So far, I have seen her more in protagonist roles than antagonistic ones.  She has that aura of innocence, her sweet childlike beauty accompanied by acting skill which I like about her as an actress.

So it's confirmed she's dating Rain, a man two years younger than she is.  Nothing wrong really, it's like as if she's 24 years older.  I just wish the best for the two, hoping they tie the knots soon.


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