The Possible Strain of Jackie Chan and Son Jaycee Chan

Looking at the news as of recent, Jackie Chan's only son with his wife Joan Lin-Chan, has been arrested for marijuana use and has pleaded guilty for it.  So what could be going on with Jaycee Chan and his father Jackie Chan?  The possibilities I can think of usually involve that Jackie Chan got too fixed up with his career, he hardly had any time for his son.  Also, he had probably gotten overly demanding on his son to be "like him" ignoring his son is not him.  Leaving a child and not seeing him as often as needed can also result to an unsupervised lifestyle, which may have also led to his extravagant lifestyle, disappoint the father.

So I thought has Jackie Chan asked himself some questions?  Granted I was a fan of his movies as a kid, but what I would have not realized was the strain it led to his son.  I've read that he only met his son once a year as a child, he was too busy with filming and all.  Which for one, I would believe that Jaycee Chan's wrongdoing as of present could be a side effect of his strained relationship with his father.  This can also lead to a conclusion that show business is okay but getting too soaked into it can actually strain the family.  This also reminded me of martial arts legend Bruce Lee's rather strained relationship or Taiwanese former heartthrob Qin Han's divorce with his wife because of his being too focused on show business, leading to multiple affairs, one which may have sired him a lovechild in the process.