Sayaka Akimoto Endorses Aloebene on September 29, 2014

Well here's Sayaka Akimoto endorsing Aloebene, an Aloe Vera yogurt drink.  The drink itself may improve skin quality and melt away body fat.  Ms. Takako Sukano a dermatologist and plastic surgeon also was with her on stage.  Pictures were taken from here.

Getting ready...

Now she's very enthusiastic isn't she?

She's holding the product...

Now she's drinking it!  One bottle (100g) has 45kcal, protein 3.0g, lipids 0.3g, carbohydrate 9.4g, sodium 47mg, calories, thing with 120mg calcium.

Hahahaha!!!  What a big aloe vera plant you have my beauty! XD  Looks like a lot of extract was taken after all.


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