Why I Think Kim Tae Hee is That Popular

Well I have written something on the popularity of Rin Takanashi (and as well as her being overrated) and Liu Yi Fei, I'd also like to well, finally write on Kim Tae Hee who is currently dating Rain.  While I'm more or less neutral on Korean entertainment and K-Pop (but I'm against its unfair haters)... I did have a soft spot for a few ones.  Kim Tae Hee was among these Korean actresses that I became a fan of.

I'd probably start off with her attributes.  If there's been any surgeries done, it's very minor because most extreme surgeries make people look older than their age.  Appearance-wise, she is hot but that is just a bonus okay?  Again, her beauty is very noticeable.  And I would admit it's very easy for me to remember her.  While I could also remember Song Hye Kyo's beauty (but I prefer Esther Liu's beauty), Kim Tae Hee is definitely another unique beauty.

I started to do some research about her which showed she was an outstanding middle school student (read here) so pretty much beauty and brains.  In short, you might want to call her a real life Mary Sue =P.  She's popular with the boys back in middle school, she's got high grades back in middle school, she graduated from a hard to enter high school... that's what makes her in a way, a real life Mary Sue.  Having an edge inside out may help in one's popularity.

As an actress, I can't help but praise her performance especially with Stairway to Heaven (as a bad girl), in Forbidden Love and my favorite role of hers, IRIS.  For Stairway to Heaven, I really love how she makes her character so hateful, I mean she played quite a convincing villain I want her to play another villainous role if possible.  In IRIS and Forbidden Love both action/fantasy series, I love how she shows she's not a fragile flower but a rose with thorns with her performance.

As an endorser, she always has her natural appeal and that "aura of innocence".  Okay I'm biased with most Korean entertainment but... I think she's among the exceptional few.  I would say aside from her beauty and acting, she also has a very natural feel with a lively image that comes along with it.  Hence those are some reasons why I think she has become that popular as a Korean actress.


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