Haruka Ayase's First Collaboration with Tori Matsuzaka: She is Great

This is my first attempt to produce an English version of an article written in Chinese found here.  Below is a polished up translation I have come up with:

WASHINGTON October 20, 2014 News- The Japanese film "Mona Lisa Universal Identification Disabilities' Q Pupil," adapted from the best-selling novel "The Chronicles' Universal Identification of Q Persons" series of novels of the ninth episode, the film is about to be released this month in Taiwan on the 31st. Film by the Japanese super idol Haruka Ayase,  Tori Matsuzaka performed for the first time where the two sides cooperate on their first impressions are very good towards each other, also expressed hope that in the future, they can have the opportunity to cooperate, then director Shinsuke Sato is agitated of the two performances out of the spark that it is very satisfactory.

The film, played by Haruka Ayase child to go to the Louvre to participate in the qualifying examination, Tori Matsuzaka played weekly Reporter Ogasawara to travel together, at the sold valuable watches, to running together with Ayase Haruka Paris. The film crew traveled to Paris to spend heavily in real locations, including the Arc de Triomphe, Paris Opera, Louvre ...... Newbridge and other famous attractions altogether into the mirror, two actors together in a romantic flowers are very excited to participate in the shooting.

They mentioned their first impressions of each other's cooperation, Tori Matsuzaka revealed a very good impression on Haruka Ayase: "Miss Aya Seto my personality is very innocent and naive, just like the role, but the official shooting time and focused carefully, it is worth learning objects. she is very easygoing at the scene, she will calmly take care of everyone, it is natural, not to instigate others, I really think she is great! "

Haruka  Ayase thought that the image of the hearty Tori Matsuzaka and TV are not the same. "When at his film, he has been quietly reading, but when he spoke, he was really funny, he is a very gentle person."

Film director Shinsuke Sato has worked with Haruka Ayase with cartoons, movies and live-action shooting is the first time cooperation. He thinks Haruka Ayase played many roles before, but after filming the scene along with me directly and found she played with in the past had a completely different role, "I thought she was acting utilize its own personality, but she stood in front of the camera When will instantly become a Li son, I think I shot another man in the world. Most of the people acting this way, but the change is very extreme for Miss Ayase, dividing between her and the role too, so filming for her can be a lot of fun.


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