Complementing Tori Matsuzaka as an Actor During the Filming of All Around Appraiser Q

Just in time for Tori Matsuzaka's 26th Birthday this year!!!!!!

It's no doubt Tori Matsuzaka unlike most red rangers has had an ongoing career, always receiving important character roles whether he's on focus on not.  Right now he is starring alongside Haruka Ayase who I'm yet to be familiar with.  Now I thought I kind of wanted him and Emi Takei or Suzuka Morita to be his co-star... but let's see how his co-star will do.

Now I'm just contributing a rough translation from here.  Here's what is said about Tori Matsuzaka which I will polish up from Haruka Ayase saying, "Usually I watched him (Tori) on television, he felt like a hearty big boy.  However, after working with him, I found him to have a completely different image.  He was always very calm, very serious, a mature person."  To be honest, I kinda think they might actually work pretty well too.


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