My Favorite Actors and Actresses Who Are Also Chinese Singers!

I'm going to tackle on them individually which I would put my favorite Mandopop singers.  They are in the order of where or when I started hearing them, this also includes OLD SCHOOL ones because I want to pick from the best of both worlds:

Vanness Wu- And my favorite songs from him are "Looking for Julet" and "Imagine Ten of You".

Vic Chou- I kind of like his music even when others found his album "Make A Wish" boring.  I do love his second album.  My favorite song from him is "I"m Not F4".

Jerry Yan- I did love his songs from Meteor Rain.  I first liked his first two songs namely "Must Have You" and "I Truly Love You".  His songs from the One Meter album were really great.  Well pardon me for putting the picture where he looks like a younger Qin Han here.

Teresa Teng- I started listening to her songs only after I started hearing her classical songs.  Too bad I only appreciated her after she died.  I haven't seen her in film though.  My favorite song of hers is "Moon Represents My Heart".

Wakin Chau- So I started hearing the song "Peng You" before I heard F4 but didn't realize it was him.  When I knew it was he who sang it, I started liking him.  My favorite song from him are usually his modern songs used for Chinese drama.

Jolin Tsai- I first liked her with her song "Love Love Love".  Although she's not pretty but I kinda find her alluring.

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Andy Lau- As toneless as he sounds, he does put his feelings into his songs!

Jacky Cheung- I first started hearing him sing with Regine Velasquez but wasn't familiar with his name back then.  I first heard more of his singing in "Love Scar" which is the VERY first time I saw him on film with Jerry Yan.  I love how he did all the songs in the mini-series!

Deric Wan- This legendary villain actor really has some powerful vocals.  My favorite song from him is "Match Made From Heaven".

Anita Mui- I started hearing her music only after she died.  My favorite from her is "Stand by Me".

Leslie Cheung- I would agree he has a VERY POWERFUL VOICE!

Angela Zhang- I love her singing in Dolphin Bay.  Heck, I even cry whenever I listen to her songs because of one girl I was really serious with!

Jill Xu- I don't find her attractive BUT she really can sing very well!  Dolphin Bay was proof of that!

Wallace Huo- Not exactly the best but he counts.

Barbie Xu-Wang- I loved her duet with Vic Chou called "Let Me Love You".

Elva Xiao- My first favorite song from her was 100% Senorita's opening theme song.  I also like her song "Cappucino".

Cyndi Wang- I love her song "Love You", my favorite song from her.

Esther Liu- I feel like she's a better singer than her duet partner Joanne Tzeng.

Vicki Zhao- I started liking her music from the classic Qiong Yao series "Romance in the Rain".  I love her songs "Romance in the Rain", "Misty Rain" and "Station of Separation".

Alexander Wang- I love his powerful vocals.

Liu Yi Fei- Aside from the fact she can act and she is hot, she can also sing.  Heck, she even sounds like the classic 70s!

David Tao- He knows how to rap classic oldies so beautifully.  My favorite raps from him are "Moon Represents My Heart" and "Love Without End".

Koo Mei- She may be old school but I started hearing her famous song "Bu Liao Qing" or "Love Without End".  I heard of her only after I did some research on David Tao's remix of Bu Liao Qing.

Poon Sow Keng- Another classical oldie.  After watching the movie "Can't Say the Secret" and hearing the song "Lover's Tears" I ran into her songs and Youtube and loved it!

Zhen Xiu Zhen- She's already in her senior years, and she'll be playing grandmother roles.  I would admit after I heard her song "Please Leave a Little Love to Me Tonight", I would admit she is one powerful singer!  No wonder she's a legend!

This list will be updated soon!


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