Rin Takanashi For "FLASHBACK"

Here are pictures of Rin Takanashi for FLASHBACK which features Rin Takanashi as Himiko, an ESP girl and genius researcher.  Doesn't that remind you of Jasmine from Dekaranger who was played by Ayumi Kinoshita.  Now I was wanting Ayumi Kinoshita to play the part but having given birth around months ago, good thing they were able to find someone capable of playing the part.

Now as for the reason of choosing her here's the only translation I can contribute using Google translator for why Rin Takanashi was chosen, "Japan can be represented by beautiful and dignified Japanese women with strength and fragility with further strength.  Now she is chosen because she shines the most." (subjected to correction)  

Rin Takanashi with co-star Narita Lng...

While I would originally want Ayumi Kinoshita for this role (Dekaranger hangover) but... I guess she's not available for now considering she has given birth around June or July plus I don't think she may easily return considering she's now married.  For Nao Nagasawa, she's probably still available but it's best to let her spend time with her hubby for now.  Hmmm maybe I'm just watching too much Dekaranger.  Now I think this ESP role of Rin Takanashi, I'm not all that surprised either considering she was Mina in one of the Kamen Rider W movies.  At the same time, I'm reminded of my love interest's love for reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys when she was a child.

She is feeling goosebumps.  Hmmm I wonder how she will be as an ESPerer...



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