Some Tokusatsu Alumni I'd Nominate for an Ice Bucket Challenge!

Just for fun, I simply want to see how these guys will do in the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS syndrome.  These are:

Akito Osuga aka Ryuta Nambara of Bioman.  My reason would be this, his character Ryuta was a water sportsman and I would wonder how he'd react to the ice bucket challenge!

Tetsuo Kurata.  I could NEVER forget that scene in Kamen Rider Black he fell into a river and in Kamen Rider Black RX... when he got wet so Kotaro can transform into Bio Rider.  I'd imagine Bio Rider blending into the water for the ice bucket challenge!

Toshihide Wakamatsu- So he and Kotaro Tanaka had a fight in some water area.  He is also close friends to Toshiki Inoue.  So I guess he won't mind the ice bucket challenge!

Keiichi Wada- After seeing him in his scenes near the waterfall (must be freezing) and some wet scenes he had during his fight scenes with Yutaka Hirose, I'd love to see him take the challenge!

Yutaka Hirose- I would really LOVE to see him do the ice bucket challenge.  I couldn't forget his ocean scene in Liveman (as Dr. Kemp) and the time he fought with Kenichi Wada as Ryou and Jin.  Now I wonder how he'd fare in the ice bucket challenge!

Kazuki Maehara- Well it's time to get him wet again.  Ouch!

Teruhide Takahashi- After all his element in Gingaman is WATER.  And I think he also got wet in Gingaman too.

Nobuaki Takahash- Now just me thinking of that scene in Gingaman where he swallowed a bomb and had to be submerged in some special water.  Man Kobayashi loves to get people wet!

Hiroki Aiba- He did some kind of falling water scene in Shinkenge repisode two when he "punished" himself.  Now let's see him do it with ice buckets!

Tori Matsuzaka- He's gotten wet more than once as Takeru in Shinkenger.  He had a scene where he fell into a river in Shinkenger episode 24.  In Shinkenger vs. Go-onger, he also got wet too.

Yasuhisa Furuhawa- Well he did get wet in Shinkenger vs. Go-onger by the river.  Man, Kobayashi loves getting characters wet!

Kento Handa- Well he did fall into a river in Kamen Rider Faiz.

Koji Seto- Well he was Wataru Kurenai.  Did anybody else in Kiva get wet too?

Shu Watanabe- I still can't forget the moment Kobayashi got him wet in OOO so he counts.

So who would you say should become part of this list?  Just comment!


  1. For me, I'd nominate Noynoy and co.,but instead of a bucket full of iced water, it should be a bucket full of water from the Pasig River or any polluted body of water... 3:)


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