Why I Think Vic Chou Got That Popular

After hearing Vic Chou will be playing a role with Miriam Yeung-Ting, I was thinking of his popularity right now.  At first, he was just that "blank faced" guy in Meteor Garden as Hanazawa Rui or two, when Love Storm came, it was a total storm.  But times somewhat changed on him making him a more mature and professional guy.  His acting career wasn't always the brightest at the start but now as an actor, he's really one for a new era.

Mars was probably his biggest image breaker.  While Love Storm really nearly ended him, Mars was where he really, REALLY improved.  And yes, I'm just a few episodes with Mars but he did a very good performance as Ling.  Hmmm I wonder did Barbie Xu-Wang manage to train him there?  They did date for a short time.  I kind of liked their chemistry there... Meteor Garden II was the testing ground for Mars.  Other projects followed that really tested his ability.  Delicious Relationships, Silence (his first really serious role) and Wish to See You Again were good series.  However one series IMO got him to stand out.

Vic Chou's ability to play the anti-hero Chen Zaitian was tested in "Black and White".  It wasn't a very easy role.  I mean, I was expecting to turn off the DVD player but the cool story and his ACTING had greatly improved.  The dance scene to the crying scene to every scene, he really managed to show his image had been so different.  It's pretty hard to believe just how he improved overtime.

Or maybe, I can also comment in spite of that irritating dub in the Qiong Yao-type drama "Last Night of Madame Chin" but his facial expression, mannerisms, etc. really shows a different Vic Chou.  I guess directors were impressed that he could do Qin Han's types of roles and placed him in Home, which again feels like Qiong Yao type drama.

When it comes to endorsements, Vic is not just a pretty boy anymore.  He can really have his charm with public speaking, charisma and of course, he displays a certain degree of intelligence that wasn't so easily manifested.  The fact he takes his work seriously now has gotten him into a great leap forward in his career.

So it's not really surprising he gets first placer award.  In fact, I feel like he had become some big guy like Qin Han was back in the 70s-80s.  To be honest, not everyone manages to get top award and first placer.  In short, this proves his popularity was no easy feat.


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