Tori Matsuzaka's Struggles During His Days as Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red

Tori Matsuzaka's Shinkenger days were a real struggle.  Apparently, Toei doesn't pay much for newbies and as said, "Everything starts off as difficult before it's easy." and this is true for our red ranger.

He reveals that he "lived on water" at the Bananaman no Ketsudan wa Kinyoubi! variety show that he drank more water than usual.  This was done so he will fill full while carrying out the demanding task of being the show's pragonist.  Post Shinkenger, he was shot into stardom and has become one of the most popular actors.

So what's his current dinner?  He finally reveals he usually has beef ramen and rice.  It's a stark contrast to his earlier days when he's struggling.  Hmmm why am I tempted to believe those days were meant to lure out his "Aura Power"?

My reaction is that he really persevered.  Stardom should not be considered as an easy way out.  In fact, being a star is a demanding task.  He has displayed the attitude of perseverance which paid off.

You can read the news from:

Tokusatsu News Network


  1. Just imagine what if, say, ABS-CBN did this with Daniel Padilla... 3:)

  2. I was amazed how fast it hit news posts and toku shows. Even though it came out big on writing. The VTR he said it in he was smiling and laughing . Mind you though think thats what he does laughs it off which is a great attitude. I mean this week with the whole rumor on Ayase and him , the reporter asked him and he literally just smiled and shes a friend then was smiling and bowing .

    ( even though the news isnt new in Japan now , makes u worried for the new actors starting this year cause its all out .


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