My Thoughts on Jaycee Chan's Apology Last February 14, 2015

Jaycee Chan was finally released and he had released his formal apology to the public.  It happened in Beijing on February 14, 2015 at 2 P.M.  It was admirable to hear how Jaycee Chan had matured from his years of wanton living.  

Looking at everything Jaycee Chan said, it takes guts to admit everything.  He considered himself a disgrace that as a public figure, he smoked weed and therefore brought negative influence.  It's not easy for him to admit that he had no excuse for what he did.  He did not cherish his family until later.  He also said that even if he gone through sentencing, it will take time before he regain the trust and earn the forgiveness of society.  He also talked about how he got into drugs.

All I can say is it takes a REAL MAN to admit such faults.  Most people would choose to justify their mistakes.  Also he did not want to drag his family and took the blame for himself.  Later on Jackie Chan admitted he had grown up from the experience.



  1. Meanwhile in the Philippines, there is a certain "man" (if he was a man at all) who talks as if he has no faults and blames everything on his predecessor..... :P


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