Pictures of Maaya Uchica For Her Third Single "Empty Capsule"

Here is Maaya Uchida in her filming of the MV of her thrid MV "Empty Capsule" filled with so much adorable goodness.  The song is written by Watanabe Sho, arranger is Cross Katsuhiko, and music is produced by the crew of Akihiro Tomita.  It is scheduled to be released on April 1, 2015.


Pictures selected from: My Navi

She is so adorable!

Showing her nice hands!

Carrying the balls of delusion...

I'm now deluding she's beside me...

Time to play with Maaya!

Hmmm has she caught a Pokemon?

Bento time!

She's deluding again...

Most cute smile from her yet.... =P


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