Congratulations to Nao Nagasawa-Nakata For Giving Birth Last April 3, 2015!

Well to one of my favorite action stars, Nao Nagasawa-Nakata, I'd love to send her my congratulations for giving birth to a son. Well here's probably my "congratulations gift" to her...

Only if I can tell her that I really, really enjoyed all her action scenes and that she's been one of the most memorable martial artists ever. Hopefully she and her husband can have a happy life.  I wish her, her husband and their son the best. Meanwhile, here's me hoping she also has a daughter who'll look like her.



  1. Now that she has given birth, I guess she now has enough time to recover in case Toei plans a Ninninger-Hurricanger-Kakuranger crossover (And no, don't do it in Ninninger VS ToQGer).


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