Esther Liu Joins The Challenge 100 Marathon

Today (23) by the Shengli Shi Home (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.-sponsored sports and cultural development "Challenge 100" in Fujian Putian at the end of the first 22 full marathon.  Famous Chinese marathon runner limit Bin Chen and Taiwan actress Esther Liu crossed the finish line together, when actress Esther Liu took the medal it was a big sigh as if she was to get the Golden Bell Awards.

Esther Liu was the first actress to participate in "Challenge 100", the last three kilometers were added to the ranks of the run was Bin Chen.  In preparation for the new album, probably since last year, she began a running program, running four days a week, running for 4-5 kilometers each.

"Running to bring the biggest benefit is good health, less sick, running this year barely been sick." Esther Liu said.

Today Bin Chen the running god ran together with Esther Liu and felt tired.  Two people ran three kilometers  Bin Chen also revealed the secret chatting to her running of their own - by means of the leg thrust, pushing ourselves to run forward.  Esther Liu tried this method as there is no small gain.

"She ran with a very good attitude, a look that is always running." said Bin Chen happily, "To see her run, she is very good.  Look at me, I run, I figure it is also very good! So, want to be in better shape, it ran up quickly, just like we do. "

Bin Chen hopes for more and more like stars like Esther Liu who joined the ranks to run, run up for their own health, running up a healthy family.

"I am very happy today to accompany Brother Bin as he ran 22 marathons, in particular, he gave me the 100 medals awarded for a challenge, and I'm really happy, as happy with taking the Golden Bell Awards." she laughed.



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