Esther Liu's Boss Becomes A Machi Wall Contributor

After her daring MV "Resurrection", looks like Esther Liu is back to her cute and innocent image.  Now here's a bit of translation of the article which was written in Chinese, my ancestral language:

Esther Liu who is also known to love to eat beef noodles, there is just a mysterious pocket in the list list of stuff to eat, and she is very willing to try new stores.  She first came to love the shop called "HanaBi" meal.  The store is still in its trial operation stage and eight years have passed ever since. Heyday, she was at the store for one week to report at least once, and the boss is good to have personal relationships along the food book for the new album "Rebirth" micro-film shoot, the boss also provided a venue for an unpaid shooting, even cameos, "Not only, so, yeah I can also remove a fraction of what I eat. but I think the past few years, this store consumer, should be enough to build a wall, at least considered to have a decorating fee it! "

Esther Liu did not like any man dining, and every time she was with a group of friends to enjoy a meal, she was shouting, "And I will not be controlling my weight, often people eat two to six servings, but at that point I had to call a friend to "put out the fire".   My close friends or past dates, have dined with her to the store, the owner of the Japanese wine instructor's qualifications, so he ate fried chicken and wine to go with what Japan can recommend!  Super professional!" The European boss Zihao worked in New Zealand, Japan Arts in 2012, the first Japanese to win the Chinese region SSI Certified Sake lecturer qualifications, "HanaBi" pub was his first two stores, located in Zhongshan North Road, "Taipei spot" next to the line belonging to Japanese-style theater restaurant, fresh sashimi, time consuming work of Japanese-style rice and a variety of drinks kettle barbecue dishes, round after round of dishes can see craft level boss, so the opening years of "HanaBi" is still a popular boutiques.

Esther Liu, described her boss had enough of an "outspoken" personality like boys, like altogether straightforward, but can not help but lift a smile and not to complain,"   She began to say to only borrow from a site, then he asked me for help," said a few saying, "There is a role by then then that becomes to me to play, but yeah, I also the role of Fuxin Han!"  The body is full gourmet cells as Esther Liu blew, eats contagiously, and her boy friend had an 18 kg of fat last year.  Her admission is that her favorite Taiwanese food is full of human touch, but she still wanted to master different food sector cooperation, plans to launch a series of "eat" about the book, "I think more than 30 years later, food business operators should take it ! Now is still a little burden friends - and I can not have sponsorship programs, have to be very honest presentation. "

Eating is not assured because of the "actress" status, Esther Liu still maintains the body's pressure. Easy fat physique from 14 years since her debut 12 years ago, she was always suffering from weight loss, last year, she began to try colon hydrotherapy, and join a gym, according to nutritionist's instructions, recording daily diet content, with the time with constant food intake, in a year to be thin under 8 kg, "A little tired, but this is the first time I think becoming thin is not hard. After all, I tried to induce vomiting, embedding, eat some did drugs, I think have done, stopped short Tunhui insects it! This is the most effective one. "Her debut album-of-pocket" born again ", Esther Liu big show slimming results, half-naked publicity photos make a good figure looming," I just want to tell you that what I can do, certainly other people can!  Ah and this is a record of my life at this stage! "

Zeng and Zeng Joe jointly set up the women's team "SWEETY" where Esther Liu was returning to the music industry and then it took her two years to produce and give birth to a series more than once, and even have to buy a house down payment move to use.  "My mom very anxious to see me, they asked me in the end how much, and I say 1300 (millions), she listened silently and drifted away, ha ha ha! "is not afraid of throwing money but also for myself to set a milestone, she says with a laugh hope that the 45-year-old will be able to retire.  When she might consider opening a restaurant, but at most in the holiday business, "Opening a restaurant is a duty, there are too many things you can not attend, such as the Control Management of ingredients, if you do not check it, I'd rather not open at all!"


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