My Translation of Esther Liu's Interview With Nettease Last April 22, 2015

Here's Esther Liu and that cute red stuffed toy.. she's really looking adorable... pictures were taken from here where the Interview was taken.

NetEase Entertainment April 22 report (graphics, video / Taiwan reported group reported) from the women's team "Sweety" Esther Liu's twelve years debute (statement made), and finally she is carrying her debut album, returning after nearly nine years as a singer.  Which made ​​a statement ​​following the making of a two-year-old explosive fertilizer, works as she is determined to lose weight for the first time. The album, from a series of near-ass and the impressive beauty surrounded by almost certainly sexy photos, a more confident statement was made ​​to show "Rebirth of the United States," as the best proof. Yan Yan said: "This is a positive energy, I want to tell you that you can do what I can do."

It is perhaps this innate positive energy of Esther Liu as, "Young and frivolous enough," of a statement that was made even has said that she is "crazy."  Thinking of a statement made since her debut at the age of fourteen, seventeen years of age in order to play on with her singing strength, climbed the little peak of her career.  But Liu's goods made at this time but a farewell resolute to entertainment, she went to Paris to study for three years. After returning home, she not directly go into the career, but she took a small deposit to open record companies. One can imagine, then circling out of the loop on this, "Twenty-two, and even the financial statements have not read the brokerage firm boss" is not a good one.  But four years later, Ms. Esther's business territory toward the Mainland, earlier earned for herself a pot of gold.  But now, she has lost a crazy temper, houses breath this time spending 2.6 million (RMB) the down payment, to create the album for themselves. Liu made some good jokes that she is "Big Sister", had opened brokerage firm is to "want to give her friends a company like home."  As for today's hair album, it is "Wanting to give the company a milestone colleagues."

All for the sake of the words we speak, but hard for others to be are distressed.  Whether it's Lin Meixiu or Eddie, we all want the statement to be made at just 26 years old, we are able to quickly find a partner, so that the "workaholic sweetheart" to have an arm that one can rely on.  But life does not leave the a made statement of entertainment , admits being "17-year-old love has that little thing" effect, letting yourself ever since to become "insiders of a peach insulator."  Because of Ethan and exchanges, so that a statement was found to be made overnight: "If you want a simple life, and the other half."

In fact, the moment for one to accept the statement made ​​before the interview "NetEase Entertainment", was sitting in a conference room, busy with various departments of the company and his colleagues one by proofreading matters of different projects, the proprietress racked out.  And when finally the statement made ​​to sit down in front of the camera, the reporter can not help but ask : "You did not sleep with it?" was a statement made ​​with a smile: "For the past few months, I did not sleep ah, I was recently busy with preparations for the concert!." When the interview was over, a statement made ​​after a simple greeting, and was with the company planning to go to the meeting. Under the "boss" and "artist" the dual roles were reversed, with the statement made ​​is still so hard to want to take into account for it all.  From the planning to copywriting the design of the show with both hands. As long as the statement was made, I ​​really wanted to ride that nothing is impossible.  No wonder the statement made ​​can smiled and said:. "I like to think of myself as reborn from broken, so I have no regrets in life."

The following is an interview with Record:

Netease Entertainment: Why did you choose at this time of "Rebirth"?

Esther Liu: In fact, the album's preparations was for a long time, but the figure was two years ago now!  In the drama's above pay, a transcript, and then I think, "This time we can begin to have clearance for themselves, rediscover their own way, not to be limited by the role."

Netease Entertainment: How to convey the concept through the new album?

Esther Liu: My concept of time in favor of the life which I would like to share a small story, there are happy and sad as the recording starts.  That recording time is not yet set a "Reborn" direction.  I originally wanted something that "I want to get my own way."  Since the past few years, we have only seen me in the role which is above the theater, there is a role, "Those are my role is not all?" That's not likely. So in fact, I myself do not really know, Esther Liu himself look like, so only a time to empty out, properly organize themselves, but also the way to practice your own body, which will have an idea (concept album reborn) .

Netease Entertainment: For the MV and album art nude photos are they to show the charming curve, "sexy" is that what the Rebirth particularly wants to emphasize?

Esther Liu: "Sexy" No, absolutely not.  I hope that everyone can own real face. In recent years we all looked at me as fleshy fat for so many years, I really wanted to do a thing, "Tell all the male, female friends, in fact, as long as I do that, you have to do."

Netease Entertainment: reportedly determined to lose weight, because of Eddie's words?

Esther Liu: Actually Eddie told me a lot of things, because he was sharing his mentality of the past few years with me. Because he was like me in recent years has experienced some setbacks ㄧ, ㄧ some changes to the way it was. So there is in his heart, he spoke: "Turning only once, so be sure to be fully exhausted." So I for this album, regardless of stature or, detail Ye Hao, packaging, lyrics, all from start to finish, all of everything, I really do pick wrong in doing this.

Netease Entertainment: I heard that nude scene is totally unclear film field, the moment is how the atmosphere and mood?

Esther Liu: I think every one of the staff at my side, are a professional attitude in the face of it. Second, I want to face. In fact, take the time, still nervous, and I still feel very naked in the show, but after a heart over it shut on, OK.

Netease Entertainment: You finally returned to Lordosis after Alice's stature on the current state of their own satisfaction?

Esther Liu: I have always been very satisfied with my body.  Even in my own fleshy, I do not think there is anything wrong with my being fleshy, because I think the US has a lot of different looks. But, why do I do this thing, I just give you a very positive energy.

Netease Entertainment: What period have you heard of fans of the film say and claim that you were slimming and not fat?

Esther Liu: Yes Yes Yes, of course there will be a lot of evaluation on the network, but in fact the network is above things, for me there will not be such a big setback!!!.  Me, as an actress, I really do not care what my body looks like.  Because I think the actors in this profession, it has lots of faces. But in this matter on the album, it represents my own, but a work. I should order it, struggling to do something to ㄧ. So this will be to give everyone a gift .

Netease Entertainment: Beside your friends, you hope to have a destination in looking for some kind of object?

Esther Liu:  I do not know, yeah!  I was actually nothing more than the old ah!  I think it is because I was coming up for too long. Because the United States shows that sister, "She is very happy now, when there is the other half of my heart you can rely on when the people will not like."  I know what she meant.  On the side of people, they think I'm too hard. It may also be because the relationship between the boss, or a lot of pressure to do this album, or Big Sister is my usual personality, will make people think, I feel like I should have someone to take care of me.

Netease Entertainment: Was it said that it was because of an in-between love relationship, especially in order to resist the opportunity to the love of insiders?

Esther Liu: I think not all, but it certainly influenced me. I found that I actually have one, so do not want to be concerned about. Whether it is emotional, family, friends, and also because of this, the past few years when I was in acting, my life is very simple. I'm looking for the other half, and I hope he is simple.

Netease Entertainment: In 2007, when the peak of his career coincided why did you resolutely choose to go to Paris to study?

Esther Liu:  I love himself to be crazy to a critical point, and I think at that time I will have a different look with the breakthrough came.  In fact it was through my mind in addition to the expiry of the outside, the other one is that I have to feel our debut too early, so I dedicated to all things that are my family, or I would have been in the school will do. So I have been hollowed out, I feel like I have nothing further can be thrown out.  My mom's a naive romantic who said: "Otherwise you should study abroad!"  To Paris after that time, of course, a lot of nutrients was in my life.  Because it is a short-term, within three years of time for me to grow up a lot, learned a lot of things.

Netease Entertainment: As for the students who come back, not only did he not devote himself to acting career, but when the boss chose to open the record company ?

Esther Liu: I, then with some friends, regardless of artist friends or friends in private work. They can not be said to be displaced, but that is not a fixed place alone, I would feel that I still have some more ㄧ ability, I can not come up with a platform, or a feeling of home, so we stayed here.  I hope that in my company who are really able headed here, the family still have a quarrel ah! I turn ah! Still disagreement. But he eventually was at his home. (Netease Entertainment: So up to now are still satisfied with it?) Oh! I bet a lot of people at that time, this company will be down for three months, I'm sorry! I've been going to for four years Hello!

Netease Entertainment: The biggest regret since his debut?

Esther Liu: I think of my most regrettable thing, but it did not the work in the entertainment circle.  I am at my most regrettable thing is that I feel like I'm filming, I did not put my homework in the Gu Gu good.  It was not passed on.  In fact, although there are still many showbiz point in time with the opportunity lucky with the above problems. But I am very happy that I have cared at least. But although I have no regret reading books, but I'll throw myself to go to France, again and again. So should say this, I have not a very regrettable thing, because I've been knocked himself again. I hit every time after fragmentation, and then do it all over himself. I dare it.


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