Remembering Kenichi Endo's Appearances In Tokusatsu

Well here's Kenichi Endo who goes from playing hammy roles to doing other serious roles.  But somehow, I still can't get over these hammy appearances.  Moving on...

The first time I remembered him was that super hammy guest role he had in Janperson as Dr. Saonji who worked for Super Science Network.  I couldn't forget his role as that wacky bio-engineer who duplicated Machine Gun Joe's cells, replicated them on Janperson's appearance and went full ham.  For that guest role, I always can't help but laugh at the way his character's plan backfired on his face... literally.

He had an 18 episode role in Kakuranger as Prince Junior also known as Gasha Dokuro.  I always thought that even if he has his frightening moments but he does not have any shortage of ham.  Best hammy moment?  When he sang his concert singing "Kuro no Kikoushi" which even if it wasn't his voice (it was actually sang by a singer Hirokazu Umeda) but I can't deny I fell off my seat at him doing that concert of doom.  Truly juicy ham indeed!

For the Dekaranger movie, he actually did a serious role which was still convincing nonetheless such as Vulgar, the head of the oligarchs... errr.. Gas Drinkers.  I thought about how he managed to portray the movie's villain with such a good performance it's easy to forget he's also a master of serving juicy ham towards his audience.


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