Rin Takanashi Stars In Mon No. 9 Drama, Reveals The Beauty Of The Audition Of English Lecturers!

The actress Rin Takanashi was at the production announcement press conference held in Tokyo's Odaiba Hotel Nikko which was held on the month of September 20 for the Tokyo 9 drama called "5 → 9 ~ Monk - Which Fell in Love with Me," starring Satomi Ishihara, Yamashita Tomohisa, Yuki Furukawa, Nagatsuma Rei Hisashi, Mokomichi Hayami, Anne Nakamura and the child actor Terada.

Fuji TV drama series of the Aihara from "5:00 to 9:00" is based on Jitsu Takashi's popular manga. And the English lecturer Junko that the maximum life of Mote was visited on the verge of the 29-year-old's birthday, it's a love comedy that depicts the quirky romance pattern of  the Twink monk-Takamine of highly education, tall-height and high income.  Among them, Takanashi the colleague of Junko who played Ishihara, impersonates the preeminent style of beauty of the English lecturer Yamafuchi's auditors of a hundred pictures.

For Mon 9 drama, there is also the fact that during the first appearance, Takanashi is "because she did not think that will come when to be out in the month 9, I'm very happy," she said overjoyed and "Because for the first time, there are more where I am allowed to be a co-star, from now you have some exciting fun" and inflated the chest to the expectations, and let me read the "original for talent, that Hyakue, in order to sympathize with the character called Hyakue a portion or so.  But there was a lot, played carefully and I think ther ewas not and you think should go in," she said enthusiastically.

Also Hayami was to be the partner role of Takanashi, in " Tokyo Tower - Mom & Me, And Sometimes Dad ~ "Since then, the nine month drama starring for about eight years. "This is a role that half of the United Kingdom, the first time is a challenge," and explained that, it is "because it is likely there is also a scene in which was to cook, and to make the best of fish and chips," he said.  On the other hand, heart-kun of Kobozu-three rest auditors "Did out of it!  This time dream a ninth month, and plays a rest of the three auditors.  Ladies and gentlemen, today for coming, THANK YOU ~" to talk to, to this is also Ishihara and "Will be tighter and tighter.  It is really cute also in the field, healed you," was in the state of drunkenness.

When the question of the Chinami story "Mote life in the past of life visited?" was asked, Takanashi said "I is scheduled for next year and with the innovative answers."  Ishihara said, "It is the time of the second-year junior high school (laughs)" to blush and, Yamashita "I do when the fifth grade elementary school. I'm insanely faster footed in the school year. Is it not that the fast footed is among the popular?." and it had been revealed.

Drama "5 → 9 ~ Monk - Which Fell in Love with Me", the others are Kei Tanaka , Saeko, Yoshimoto Jitsu Yu , Keiko Toda et al appearance. The broadcast is every Monday 21:00 on Fuji Television starting on October 12.

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