Super Sentai Senior Cast Pictures For September 14, 2015

Well here's some rather random pictures I found from this Facebook fanpage.

It's time for some food!  Kazunori Inaba is with his wife.

Hmmm so much nostalgia here... especially with Kenji Ohba and Michiko Makino.

Too bad I never saw Dynaman and Sharivan/Spielban as a child...

Hmmmm two favorite reds and one favorite blue in one picture!

Henshin Con time with JEFusion!

I think I'd rather avoid some sake for now... it's made me write too many dumb stuff!

A bit of my childhood recollected... with Red Mask, Five Blue and Red Turbo... all that takes to make this picture complete would be Akito Osuga and Kotaro Tanaka.  

Hmmm funny I'm seeing my first Toku crush and my first favorite red ranger here....


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