Toku Senior Cast Member Pictures For September 1, 2015

Well it's time for some Toku cast members, pictures selected from Sentai actors and actresses.

Well it's time for the huge gathering with Kazuo Niibori... I could identify Masaru Shishido, Yuji Kishi, Keiichi Wada and Shigeru Kanai...

Oh boy I badly wish I was in here!

Kenji Ohba is the man!

Toshiya Fuji and Kei Shindachiya...

Is it time for a quartet?

Three red rangers... all straight from Hirohisa Soda's era!

Kei Shindachiya and Tota Tarumi...

Oh finally, Kazunori Inaba together with Yuki Nagata!

Two red rangers together... both with a five involved!

It's with Kazuo Niibori!

The three red rangers are having a good time!


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