Tori Matsuzaka To Star In The New Drama Called "Siren"

The popular yarn summer Interpol comic of Yamazaki called "Siren" is also a real drama version of "Siren Criminal x Biv x Entirely Evil". There was more additional information published about the actor. Among them, Xu Cai Cai starred in this drama mastering the key clues to the mysterious beautiful orange KARA.

Tori Matsuzaka starred in the drama version of "Siren" drama as an additional new actor.

Yamasaki's original yarn "Siren" is also a summer in the "Morning" Interpol on the serial cartoons.  The mobile search term members about the story of the mustached Satomi and the Pig Bear Yuki.  They are not only lovers but they are also partners, since the discovery of the body at the scene of a mysterious encounter with death, encountering the mysterious beautiful orange KARA's scenes with male and female, both equally important as the third protagonist.

Orange KARA is a pig bear and Yuki is a persistent abnormal cosmetic beauty, doing work as a hostess in a bar, but with the mustached Satomi, it launched a very intense fight. The original version of the Japanese TV drama has the starring role of Hayami Sho Kis-My-Ft2f and Hiromitsu Kitayama. He is Satomi's and Inokuma's competitors, where the characters a little bit annoying.

In addition, the crazy cosmetic surgeon by the name of Jun Kaname appeared by the month of Guyana. The female guy Chitose Hiroko was living as a Security Division member. Sayaka Yamaguchi is starring as the Mitsuishi Research's unlucky designer's in the fairy ferry, Satomi as the former boss rearing pigs. The Bear Pig Bear Ren Osugi by the text of a star is a real class of criminal.  Eiichiro Funakoshi is by the star of Changan Rattan. The family members of Johnny Cheung Takada also starred in the West End of the Universe.

Live drama "Siren criminal × Binv × entirely Evil" will begin on October 20, on Tuesday 22:00 Kansai TV, Fuji TV system broadcast. About two hours ahead of the first words of one hour, from 21:00 began airing. The Japanese TV drama's version of the finale is different from the original comic ending.


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