Watch Out! Rio Uchida's Gonna Do Chainsaw Massacre!!!!!

Well I've learned from my comrades in JEFusion that Rio Uchida would star in Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw... wow, this is something you can't have in Tokusatsu violence, can you?  Now for some selected pictures...

Well too bad Shinnosuke never got that chainsaw to cut Banno into pieces! 

Oh my!!!!  Looks like she got berserk after Kamen Rider Drive!

Wow that's one attractive... and bloody sight!


  1. Rio Uchida Type Wild? :p

    I don't see her as an action type of actress like Nao Nagasawa, Ayumi Kinoshita, and Minami Tsukui. But despite her character Kiriko not getting much action (it's mostly through a stunt double), I still give her kudos for portraying her character to the best that she can that I feel it's almost comparable to Rin Takanashi as Mako/Shinken Pink.


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