Sayaka Akimoto's Period Drama's First Challenge! The Desire Of The Prostitute Role Comes True As She Also Faces The Dark Alone

Note: This slipped me off two days ago and now it's here, the article is dated Septembert 29, 2015 and as said, this is just me trying to smooth out the direct word for word translation...

Aside from movies and dramas, the actress Sayaka Akimoto has been expanding the range of activities such as being the MC of the news program BS Japan started broadcasting the 15th anniversary special of the planned drama "Shugoro Yamamoto, The Second Episode of Humanity's Era" drama in it was found that it was the first time challenge in the era drama. Akimoto says, "Because it's a big face for the long awaited era drama, it is also clearly that because half of the story of the historical plan, I thought that it cannot come easily and we were surprised that it came true so soon. But people around me see me as as one person's face, is there a fear that I wonder if it is not dark? (laughs)." and joyfully says the Pepper jokes. 

"Red Beard", Tsubaki Sanjuro" is known in the original, such as Shugoro Yamamoto  as a short era novel, the drama in all of the complete story in 12 episodes. In the second episode, "The night of the Fist (fist)", Akimoto plays as a prostitute, your waterfall to live desperately for a child that issued the foster child. Shooting, it was held in Tochigi Edo Wonderland Nikko Edo Village in September 16 to 18.



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