Tori Matsuzaka's Interview For the Drama "Sairen Criminal X"

Here's Tori Matsuzaka's interview which was translated via Google and edited by me. The original interview in Japanese can be found here.

"Tori Matsuzaka's interview of the drama with its glimpse fresh, the sexy adult face suits of CM?"

The story's mystery calls the mystery of the stylish, popular and cool action. Actor Tori Matsuzaka is now starring in the swelling drama "Siren Criminal x x Her Full Vanity Fair" (Fuji TV) with each passing times' topics. Matsuzaka has left this image with its fresh impact with his criminal role of different suits, but also in stylish suits of both casual and formal as the CM character of the timing of the same suit called "ORIHICA".  It's poking at the adult face.  I heard that you think about good grooming to the usual fashion to such as Matsuzaka.

The longing and oozing depth to suit the human thickness

Question: In the "Sairen" that while the monkey's story, sometimes dressing in a geek fashion until that shower scene for Matsuzaka's Shichihenge sore it has with every nail biting, what is the feeling of doing the shooting now?

Matsuzaka: There is a feeling that it has become rapidly interesting. I'm just now taking 7 episodes but it has become a great thing! As the second half, the action has also become more pleasing, forward and earnest.

Question: First, was it but very fresh, is it but that your suits which there is a feeling completely attached to the plate as time progresses, what is the point of the suit of the hero Satomi's events?

Matsuzaka: Since Satomi belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's riot investigation team, when it becomes to the range of trading and the criminal, such as that I should have not been there with the tie-in with the weapon.  So, Satomi has decided not to have ties. After that, because it is running fine, the thing is is that it is easy for me to move the materials.

Question: Youki Inokuma (Fumino Kimura) is a good buddy at work and is also a lover, it also has similar tone to the clothes where I have a feeling of a good friend.

Matsuzaka: I have watched you wearing those suits of different colors but I'm not specifically meeting about the suit. To each of the claims is wearing a natural feeling that I became Aiu's combination. (laughs)

Question: By the way like Inokuma , do you have any impression on the women's pants suits?

Matsuzaka: There is that crisp feeling of that brisk work and I guess it is possible for women.  If you are having a little or a strong mind in their own opinion. Although it is a selfish image (laughs). But, but it is cool.

Question: Speaking of Satomi's boss, Chief Ando (Funakoshi Eiichiro) is cool, I have always decided and zap, and even the same suit, and Satsomi is also different in the adult atmosphere!

Matsuzaka: Funakoshi's is also tall with humane thickness and depth, and even to do you good, so we exuded that ki8nd of thing, suits the different degrees of suit is different from us at all, because it's a three-piece. You are longing to even be in human in human nature to that kind of figure.

The Dasare atmosphere that can freely go anywhere

Question: The criminal role freshly suits you and you are a in the cool CM of the fashion brand, "ORIHICA" that serves you as the image character, I have been to such a reputation on Twitter.

Matsuzaka: Is that likely? No, I - I appreciate and it is is incredible that I am on Twitter (laughs).

Question: Although we have finished in the futuristic CM "NAVY & BLACK" that stands out in the beauty of the suit, how have you been desired in the shooting?

Matsuzaka: We were shooting on theme of "Business Two Free Wo", even have gone only to myself alone int he world, wearing what you want to wear, to go in the direction where you want to go. Meanwhile, while I think that I should deal with the atmosphere we came upon shooting in the video that is where I can freely go anywhere. In order to make an unattended state to stop the car, aiming for the little moment of early moment, I was taken, waking up in at 3:00 in the morning.

Question: So there is this sense of transparency to the video. Even in your role away from the job, I think that there is a chance to wear a suit, such as a stage greeting. Speaking of the nice actor's dress suit, does anyone come to mind?

Matsuzaka: On the stage greeting of the movie "Japan's Longest Day", me and Masahiro Motoki were really good in parenthesis. That Dundee is feeling sexy and has been clothed without speck. Somewhere in Hollywood, there was also a similar actor and his friends that has been in a dress and how and I also wanted a man in a suit like Motoki's. It went for years. Once, I think Aiu suits the way for the possibility.

Question: But I think it very much suits you, how do you think you can become a man in suit in it?

Matsuzaka: Hey whether it lets (laughs) or rather experiences that the person has accumulated, or that sense, in addition to further humane content or physique, I will do it also. When the chest is thick, or the collar of the shirt and standing pitch, anything from Thailand became three dimensional. I also think of it as just a completely different appearance. With that said, it is because I do not have to decrease or weight by the role but I always cannot afford to train the major pectoral muscles (wry smile).

The point of silhouette and texture, gentle colors to the eye

Question: For your private scene, do you wear a suit to any time?

Matsuzaka: When it comes to go out with wearing a suit, you can either say it's an official place, a little, such as that they do not go to correct the collar, there is the image of that feeling to turn on the switch. Launch Toka ...... the works after you have finished shooting a wedding or party.

Question: And in its own suit at these times?

Matsuzaka: Those who are really dressy, they sometimes take me to a party in the office of my president. Also the suit that I bought for the first time is supposed to get to accompany the president to the birthday party yourself. I say that they did have a suit for me, please buy immediately. Becasue you did not even know at all of the Toka shops, it is taught in the stylist's. I went to buy one in a hurry (laughs). Well, we nervously made a suit of tailor-made measurements (laughs).

Question: In speaking the adult memories of that suit where I made that tailor-made county suit, will you you feel?

Matsuzaka: When in the coming of age ceremony, it was just in time that I started this job, but I was not able to participate in the formula, it went to wearing a suit to the after-party. Though the parents of the adult celebration, it was a suit that gave me a gift, a little larger in size, such as are clothed indeed. Meanwhile, I feel like innocent of the memories (laughs).

Question: Is is the way that your suit tips off with the silhouette and texture?

Matsuzaka: After all, it is a friendly color in my eyes. The Toka Toka black navy, the Toka gray suit "ORIHICA" is basic with many of them having muted colors, there is also a little elegance that I I personally like.

Question: If there is any way that you want to try wearing the suit for this winter, please let me know.

Matsuzaka: Like in Thailand today, the narrow Kyu with a little small collar looks fashionable even to match the sneakers in a casual outfuit after suit. I think it is funny.


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