Not Surprising: All KPop Compares Suzy Bae's Appearance To Maaya Uchida

Not too surprising, All KPop now compares Suzy Bae to Japanese actress Maaya Uchida. Did they notice the similarity too long ago and not just mention it or did they just notice it now? I can't tell but there's one thing I could say, the similarity is really there.

Here's what All KPop is saying:

miss A Suzy's doppelgänger has been found in Japan!

Japanese entertainer Maaya Uchida is making headlines in Korea as Suzy's look alike. Originally, she was known as a voice actress, but expanded her career with modeling and singing. Maaya Uchida has released albums, and also has debuted as an actress.

Currently, she is grabbing attention as Suzy's doppelganger in Korea. Netizens, stunned by her beauty, commented, "Daebak.. She's so pretty", "She does look like Suzy. She's really pretty", "I kind of see Taeyeon too. She's like Taeyeon + Suzy", etc.

Isn't Maaya Uchida gorgeous just like Suzy?

Well the similarity is too close to ignore isn't it?


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