Esther Liu's Tour At Studio Ghibli

I may not be a huge Anime fan myself but these pictures look too good not to display. It's a nice moment to actually visit a place like Studio Ghibli. Now only if she could tour Toei's studios dressed up as Bouken Pink. 

At the heart with Anime.

Woah she's about to fall!

Mannequin anyone?

MEOW!!!! So where's Amu when you need her?

Hmmm is it Gekiranger time?

Smiling with the tanukis.

She's seated near a phantom.

 She's got that charming smile.

She's so calm near a phantom.

That's a nice fireplace display.

Hmmmm... is that a giant monster?

 Saluting to all Anime fans everywhere!

Pictures taken from UDN.


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