Congratulations To Tori Matsuzaka For The Best Smile Of The Year Award This 2016

Here's my rough translation of the said article:

Tori Matsuzaka attended the Rio Olympic Games for eight days where he got the "Best Smile of the Year 2016" award. Women's weightlifting bronze medalist Miyake Hiromi met him where he had an impression on Mr. Matsuzaka's smile saying it was tighter and tighter as she said, "Today, it's the first time I just met you but your smile is cool and refreshing."

Mr. Matsuzaka said, "How a happy smiling face is said that it can be similar to the mother. It had been thought that what I don't want was in my obedient childhood. This is the great prize which the guests were told and I'm thankful once again. I would like to thank my mother." In addition, it was called for the smile of Miyake players which she had a strong image and that there is kindness in a soft smile.

For the Miyake players, the success of the Rio Olympics it was said, That on the edge of the cliff of the game, the moment you think uselessly, there has been a lot. When I look back at the moment moment you take the bronze medal this year, most of the smiles was spilled moment."

TheJapan Dental Association hosted the award from 1993. In the "celebrity department", up to now, Major League Ichiro of (the second time), Sadaharu O (7th), Aya Ueto (12th) found the entertainment industry and sports celebrities won and has, this year to become the 23rd, by about 65,000 votes of the Association member, Matsuzaka-san and Miyake players was elected.

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