My Thoughts On Souta Fukushi And Erika Toda For "Blade Of The Immortal"

Just from Orends Range, I get this amazing piece of information. It's good to know that Souta Fukushi (who acted as Gentarou Kisaragi) and Erika Toda are going to star in the leading roles for "Blade of the Immortal". What are my thoughts? Here they are:

Seeing Souta Fukushi act as the main hero Kagehisa Anotsu should be another jump to his career. We've seen how great Tori Matsuzaka is in the action arena. Fukushi's acting during his time with Fourze was pretty good. I don't see any good reason why he can't do his role. I guess all the time he had in Kamen Rider Fourze must be paying off!

I haven't seen much of Erika Toda in the action arena. I remembered her in Death Note as Misa Amane where she resumed her role this year. I haven't seen much of her but as a fan of her, I want to see how she'll do in the action arena. She hasn't been into Tokusatsu but it doesn't mean she can't act.

Meanwhile here's the trailer. Takuya Kimura will play as the titular protagonist Manji. So how will this film turn out to be? Let's just wait and see.


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