Kyuranger Episode 18 Behind The Scenes

It's no surprise that Kyuranger episode 18 will tie in to the movie. It's been some time since Ryuji Sainei got married and before that, Ayumi Kinoshita also got married. So I wonder who's getting married next among the Dekaranger cast? Meanwhile, here's some stuff I got from the Tokusatsu News Network.

Here's what Takumi Kizu (Lucky) commented:

It is a very rare treat to see not only Gavan but also Dekaranger, 30 minutes is just not enough. I was very nervous about acting alongside my seniors. I like action scenes and I secretly imitated Ishigaki’s moves because he is really good. One of the highlights of the episode is Ishigaki’s action scenes as Geki. He is so cool. Also, the exchange between Gavan and HebitsukaiSilver is very funny. Do not miss this great collaboration!

Yes, it's not easy to act alongside your seniors. It's really easy to think yourself lower than them. I would feel like I'm under the shadow of such legends. Oh is Kenji Ohba going make an appearance? I hope so. 

Yuuma Ishigaki commented:

Both our series take place in space, which originated this collaboration. I think it will distinguish itself from other joint projects. It is not only an episode of Kyuranger but a prequel of sorts for Space Squad. Look forward to this new crossover.

I still can't forget the Gavan sequel movie. I guess I have some of my wishes coming true. I wonder who else will appear. I hope that Hiroshi Watari, Kenji Ohba and a lot more senior stars who got involved in space-themed Tokusatsu will appear. 

Ryuji Sainei then commented which I think makes a lot of sense:

While I am aware some viewers don’t know Dekaranger, I intend to make the most of it and show off as much as possible. (laughs). Don’t miss it!

I guess Sainei is referring to newer Super Sentai fans. Dekaranger was last 2004 and 13 years has passed since it first aired. I guess this is a perfect chance to close the generation gap between Dekaranger fans who may already be 20 years old by now and the seven year olds. It might also be a strategy to develop closer bonding between the parent and their child while watching Super Sentai together. Then again it's just my speculation. 

The episode will air on June 11, 2017. 


  1. Gokaiger crossover again, please.....

    1. Would be fun if Decade also showed up and Noyrutaki says it's Decade's fault.


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