Keisuki Minami AKA Phoenix Soldier

I thought he really looked familiar. Just in case you didn't notice, he's actually 32 years old now and he's not ashamed to still like Super Sentai. I also find it somewhat comforting to know Tetsuya Iwanaga (Kuroto Dan in EX-AID) is just as old as I am. Right now, I may not be that much of a huge fan of Super Sentai as I used to but this guy gives me inspiration but it ain't my life. 

It's time to bring the Phoenix!

Selfie time... 

It's time for some coffee after freeing them from Don Armage's rule.

I'm not too fond of Japanese snacks though.

Fancy knowing his friends.

I wonder if he has a kid now. If so then he's lucky to have a dad who wears spandex.

Wah!!!! That's my age!

I'm reminded of how life is so different when you're in the employed status.


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