Kyutama Dancing With The Kyurangers And Kamen Rider EX-AID Main Cast

Let's Kyutama dance with the cast members of Kyurangers and Kamen Rider EX-AID. As said, they're not in outer space but in Roponggi Hills. Get it?!

Hiroki Iijima is in the house!

Toshiki Seto is now going to do some surgery!

Ukyo Matsumoto is waving to the fans.

Tetsuya Iwanaga is Dan the mad man!

Hayato Onozuka is probably telling everyone he's back in action.

Shouma Kai is the virus behind Hiroki Iijima.

Ruka Matsuda is getting all happy for the dance!

Is Takumi Kizu going to scream LUCKY again?

Yousuke Kishi is acting all emo...?!

Sakurako Okubo is being Hammy!

Taiki Yamazaki is not emotionless!

Tetsuji Sakakabira is probably cooking something.

Keisuke Minami is reminding everyone he's not over 300 years old!

Doctors and Bugsters dancing!

Dancing with the doctors and viruses!

Happy time dancing!

Wait... what's wrong with Dan the mad man?!

I guess Tetsuya Iwanaga is also a good comedian.

It's space time dancing!

No, we're not having the event in outer space!

Calling out to the audience... are we going to have a trip to space?

Dancing in space with the stars?!

Stinger isn't so emo in real life!

Guess what's wrong with this picture?!

It's a happy time dancing!

It's time to finish everything with a Kyutama Dance!

Pictures are taken from My Navi News.


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