My Thoughts On Rio Uchida to Star In "Decisive Battle Is Friday"

Considering that I'm always that updated and I rely on blogs like JEFusion and UkiyaSeed to get my information, I'll give my reaction to Rio Uchida's latest update instead which I got from reading JEFusion.

Here's what I read from JEFusion:

It's been a while since we heard from everybody's favorite Kamen Rider Waifu, Rio Uchida (Kiriko Shijima from Kamen Rider Drive), and good news is, she will star in an all new late night boxing show entitled "Decisive Battle is Friday" from Fuji TV.

Besides our favorite Kamen Rider femme fatale who will be starring in this late night talk show, she will also be joined by Terumi Ishii and Mai Hakase where the three beauties will talk about boxing and fitness plus, they will be showing-off the different techniques that they will learn.

Decisive Battle is Friday will broadcast every Tuesday from 21:54-22:00 and the premiere episode will air this July 4, 2017 at a special time of 21:48-22:00.

What's my reaction? It's time to beat up that idiot Takahito Oomori who's known as "Hey Mr. Girls Are Weak". I hated the character decay that Rio Uchida's character Kiriko Shijima suffered from in Kamen Rider Drive. Sure, I'm a fan of Drive but I felt that Oomori's decision to weaken Kiriko is uncalled for. Fortunately, the actress herself gives us more reasons why girls can be strong when they need to be strong. 

How's that huh Mr. Oomori? 


  1. I guess this kinda explains why she hasn't been doing gravure that much. Good to know she's still alive and kicking (or punching, if you will :p ).


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