Kamen Rider EX-AID Cast Pictures From The Power Push Interview

Yup the doctors are in the house! I can't wait to see the movie subbed anytime soon. If you want to read the interview it can be found at Tokusatsu News Network.

The doctor's in the house!

Dan the Mad Man is a nice man in person?


Parad has a sense of humor.

The two actors are friends in real life.

Lazer isn't Lazer anymore!!!

Looks like he's on to another patient.

Did he get his license back?

Bonding time!

Nope not bonding time! 

The intern and his superior are finally getting along!

Oh did the other guy get his license back?

They're having a fun time with their interview.

Three Bugsters in a row...

They're having some fun time answering questions

 The whole cast is having a good time aren't they?

It's time for a happy conversation. 


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