Kyuranger Cast Pictures For August 22, 2017

The Kyurangers are preparing to go to space... XD

Goofing off before take off!

Looks like they're the new astronauts!

It's time to go to space!

It's space time!

Is that some pastry or what? 

Is this the new rocket ship's interior?

It's time for some hot soup in some barren planet!

It's time to prepare for launching!

Lucky fan! He gets to witness the launching!

Wait just where are there space helmets?!

I ship Lucky and Hammy!

Are they preparing to go to space?

Looks like the Makuu Hole caused this!

Oh wow Lucky's about to be crushed!

Did the training beat them up?

Getting ready for space travel!

The power of gravity!

They're now going into space!


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