Suzy Bae's Pictures From Her Interview For Gu Family Book

Here's a throwback of Suzy Bae's pose for the Gu Family Book interview. Enjoy all these gorgeous shots of this cute x hot and sexy lady. 

So adorably cute!

I love that cute smile of hers!

She's staring blankly into nowhere.

Adorably cute!

She's got ratty teeth!

Oh wow! But didn't she injure herself on set?

So adorable!!!!!

Love that hair.

I love her smile. Hnmmm when did she hurt her elbow?

She's looking pretty pleased!

She's looking smart.

She's got that smart pose.

She's got really nice skin except for that blemish on set.

Wow she's that sexy!

She's sexier than Maaya Uchida.

She's got that really nice figure.

Really nice figure.

She's really got that nice ass.

Nice figure.

It's killing me!

Gotta love that laugh!
She's looking flirty!

You can't deny she's really that sexy!

Can't resist her nice ass!

Woah she's spotted someone trying to kidnap her!

She's that pretty!

She's got a funny grin.

She's got a funny stare!

Adorable? So adorable!


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