Pictures Of Ayumi Beppu, Nao Nagasawa And Ayumi Kinoshita For "Hero Mama League"

It really amazes me how these three are somewhat still active in Tokusatsu. Personally, I still wish both Nao Nagasawa and Ayumi Kinoshita appeared in Hong Kong cinematic films because they really KICK ASS that hard. 

Back in spandex to be kickass moms!

Honestly I tend to show a lot of unfair hate towards Ayumi Beppu all because she acts as Houka.

Proud to be a mom!

Starninger approves!

Gotta love their get together!

Gotta admit, I hope that girl doesn't grow up like her "evil" mother Houka.

It's nice to have a bit of a reunion -- all the while I'm somewhat hurt Nao Nagasawa isn't my older sister. =P

Hero Mama League was released just today! Woohoo!

Source: Tokusatsu News Network


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